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The “real” music battle starts in May?

Even though we’re already seeing a competition of comebacks from many artists including Rain and Lee Hyori, it’s looking like the month of May will be just as competitive as April, if not more.

With the two top stars likely going to dominate this month and June’s FIFA World Cup approaching, many artists are looking to aim May as their comeback. After all, it’d be wise to avoid competition with Rain & Lee Hyori in April and also stay away from the dates of June 11th – July 11th, when Koreans will have their eyes glued to broadcasts of the FIFA World Cup.

It is also now speculated that 2PM, who is planning to comeback at the end of April, will push back their comeback date to May instead of April because of Rain and Lee Hyori’s delay of comeback from the naval ship tragedy.

Artists who are scheduling to comeback in May include the Wonder Girls (May 15th),SS501 (May 1st), 2NE14minute, Se7en and Son Dambi.

Son Dambi for one has pushed her comeback twice – first she scheduled her return for March, then dealyed to April, and is now shooting for a date in May. Regarding the delays, her agency stated, “It’s not because of the naval ship tragedy; it’s because we want to make Son Dambi’s album more complete and perfect.

The Wonder Girls, who originally planned to come back in April, will release their U.S debut album in countries around the world including Korea on May 15th, and the girls are planning to cross promote between America and Korea.

One of the related sources from the music industry speculated, “In my opinion, it’s useless to waste your energy coming back in April. A lot of the agencies are organizing their artists to comeback in May. In this coming May, we will see one of the fiercest gayo battles we’ve ever seen.

Source: AKP

Taeyeon-BEAST, Beauty and Flower Beast (?) ‘Who Is Prettier~

Girl’s Generation’s TaeYeon and male group BEAST release eye-catching photos.

On the 9th (of April) MBC FM4U ‘TaeYeon’s Bestfriend’ (a.k.a ‘Chin-Chin’) Homepage released pictures of DJ TaeYeon and the guest that participated on the “Simple MT” corner, BEAST, on the “Photo By Chin Chin” section of the bulletin board.

In one photo, they all put ‘V’ pose prettily, and in the other photo Taeyeon and BEAST’s members show their fun poses while joking around.

‘Chin Chin’ crews said, “We want BEAST as little brothers, as Oppa (T/N: older brother) and as boyfriend” and “From now on ‘Chin Chin too, will give BEAST love and passion that never ends,” the crew said affectionately.

Because of their pretty poses, netizens say “TaeYeon, BEAST, both of them are pretty. We hope for frequent appearances on ‘Chin Chin’”. Some of them also said, “Very pretty beastly boys, BEAST”.

[TVdaily = KimJiKyeong Reporter / Photo Source = MBC FM4U ‘TaeYeon’s Bestfriend’ homepage]

CREDITS: tvdaily (SOURCE); giggle.@B2ST Rising (TRANS)

SHINee’s Onew thanks SNSD’s Jessica for musical recommendation

Onew of Shinee made his musical debut with Brothers were Brave recently and has received plenty of love from the audience and fans alike. With his early success in the theater business, he gave his thanks to SNSD’s Jessica for her help.

Many of you will remember that Jessica was in her own musical not too long ago. She played Elle Woods for Legally Blonde and received much positive feedback on both her voice and acting. What you may not know is that Jessica helped Onew get casted for Brothers were Brave. Onew shared, “Because of my senior Jessica’s recommendation, I got cast for this musical.”

Onew also commented, “Out of 10, I don’t think I’m even a 5 yet. During the first opening night, I didn’t make any mistakes but the next night, I messed up a lot. During the highlight of the musical, I was supposed to say that I was 28 years old but instead, I said, ‘I am 38 years old.’ I will try my best to become an actor who continues to make less mistakes and whose score gradually grows higher.”

I’m glad to see the SM family helping each other out! And no worries Onew! As time goes on, I’m sure you’ll be the actor of the idol generation!

Cr: Allkpop

Narsha has no interest in Sangchu

The sweet romance scandal made its first emergence on an episode of Star Golden Bell… and their relationship has since taken a nosedive ever since.

On an episode of Park Myung Soo’s variety show, SBS E!TV Big Star ShowNarsha has made herself clear of her lack of interest for Sangchu. This, of course, is not the first time the woman has done so.

On a segment where the stars engage in a phone interview with their celebrity acquaintance, Narsha has gladly participated upon request. The host Park Myung Soo erupted with a sudden question, “How long has it been since you and Sangchu got together?” Fierce Narsha answered nonchalantly, “We aren’t together yet.”

Skeptical, Kim Young Chul asked again, “By saying you two aren’t together ‘yet,’ are you saying that you wish to in the future?” He was answered shortly by Narsha, “No, I have no desire to date him.”

Again with the whole celebrity romance – give them a break!

Source: AKP