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2. What do you think about YooGeun

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    • jenjen:D
    • April 10th, 2010

    Yoogeun ah:- D
    you are so cute that i hv never liked a baby like you that much!
    wish you will have a good future with your family
    but remember those times you and shinee appa together
    we will miss you and love you forever!<3

    • im4ginary
    • April 10th, 2010

    1. Every time they share a happy moment; every time Yoogeun and any of the SHINee boys 뽀뽀

    2. Super cute and charming! A LITTLE on the spoilt side (but definitely not a brat).

    3. I hope he grows up well and healthy, and I that he remembers and loves the SHINee appas and that the SHINee appas will continue to love him too!

    • Cherlyn
    • April 10th, 2010

    I think he’s so adorable, cute and smart of course!
    And SHINee appas are the best..

    • Lee J0on
    • April 10th, 2010

    I like 9th episode ,
    when y0ogeun ask taemin
    y0ogeun : what is this ?
    taemin :yangmal (socks)
    y0ogeun : a n0 , oNew appa
    i think y0ogeun is genius and cute ..
    I wish , y0ogeun grow well and d0nt forget your appa you will be a super star ,, like appa haha

    • Jaejoongie
    • April 10th, 2010

    Lovee every “skinship” between Jonghyun and Yoogeun <3.
    Yoogeun is really cute and pretty ! (:
    Yoogeun, hope you grow up well :D,

  1. 1. Your favorite Hello Baby memories : in the previous ep, everytime yoogeun try to play with jinki, he run away. its very funny. and its a relief to see they are closer and closer ^^

    2. What do you think about YooGeun : a little spoilt brat 😛
    but as for baby in his age, i think its normal. this little prince smile could make every noona heart melt ^^

    3. Your wish to YooGeun : have a happy life. be an idol star as SHINee appa ~ i will miss u little prince ^^

    • shezta
    • April 10th, 2010

    1.when yoogeun start to dance ringdingdong at the CF set ,yoogeun crying ,and many more .. i think i alm0st remember every episode ,hhe

    2.He’s really cute,smart,adorable baby ..
    really look like minho ,hhe

    3.grow up well ,be a smart kid ,always love your parents ,noona ,and SHINee appas ofcourse ,
    comeback soon yoogeun …

    • LauSooMoei
    • April 10th, 2010

    1)Favourite memories of Hello Baby would be, ep3 when they goes to the kids cafe! YooGuen & the SHINee appas looks really adorable & was seriously having fun there. Oh well, mainly every episode of Hello Baby rocks ttm!^^

    Secondly, i think that YooGuen is really adorable,smart,cute,charismatic & everything that i could think of! How i wish that, i could ever pinch him on the cheeks! 😀

    Thirtly,wish from me to YooGuen would be, him to grown up as well & as heathly as he could be! Of course,i would love to see him smiling more than his crying or what not! & YooGuen, grow up to be like your SHINee appas, as charming as they are! Me ❤ You, JUNGYOOGUEN! (:

    • luVbLinG2♪♫♥
    • April 10th, 2010

    i love the time during yoogeun plays tunnel with SHINee appa…haha…it’s so hilarious!haha…poor jonghyunnie appa!kekeke :Pi love him when he play around with SHINee appa

    yoogeun is so cute!i love him 🙂 n he’s so adorable!

    just remember the time u hv spent together wif SHINee appa…SHINee appa r d BEST appa in the world!!!

    • Kazuki
    • April 10th, 2010

    1. I really love the mem0ries during their vacation.. Especially the m0ment when y0ogeunnie gave all his appas a “g0od night kiss” and turn off the lights.. That was so cute and sweet of him..

    2. y0ogeun.. A very sweet boy with lots of cuteness and charm.. Just a little brat but totally ad0rable..

    3. I wish that y0ogeun will stay healthy and bec0me like his appas someday.. I also wish he’ll never forget the mem0ries he shared t0gether w/ the SHINee appas

    y0ogeun., i already miss y0ur cuteness

    SHINee fighting!

    • LauSooMoei
    • April 10th, 2010

    I mean,*YooGeun! ❤

    • sisca
    • April 10th, 2010

    my favourite moment is when key appa get his ‘best appa award’. kekekkeke.

    for me, yoogeun is such a cute and handsome boy. he always do what SHINee appa told to him, except that sorry thing when he did a mistake. kekekeke.

    yoougen ah, noona wishing you a healthy and happy live forever. grows well and be a good kid to your parents. and don’t forget that you ever have had SHINee as your appa. we will miss you a lot.

    saranghaeyo yoougen ah. HWAITING!!

    • Angel
    • April 10th, 2010

    When Yoogeun show his aegyo to SHINee appa and dance to ring ding dong… I realy love that moment..^^

    Yoogeun,,, sooooooooooo cute, smart, and pretty..

    I wish Yoogeun can be a shining star like SHINee appa,,^^

    Yoogeun ah,, Eventhough u don’t uderstand about fans yet, but we just want u know that we love u very much..<3

    • Fazzlyna
    • April 10th, 2010

    I def love ep 4 . Yoggeun’s wake up call .
    He’s so cuteeee! And his killer cuteness while waking Onew up ..

    To me , Yoogeun is really cute and charming . & the luckiest baby on earth!

    Yoogeun ah , i wish that you’ll stay healthy and happy forever . Be a good boy . Lets hope you wont forget the SHINee appas who’ve taken good care of you even though it’s just for a short while.

    Saranghae , Yoogeun ah . 😀

  2. 1. Your favorite Hello Baby memories
    There are many memories that I like, such as yoogeun plays tunnel with SHINee appas,onew appa plays games with yoogeun, yoogeun say ”appa” loudly to wake SHINee appas up, and yoogeun give “good-nighted kiss” to SHINee appas,it’s so sweet:)
    2. What do you think about YooGeun
    Yoogeun is a smart,cute and lovely boy. He is also a boy that all people must love him when see his angelic face,haha=]
    3. Your wish to YooGeun
    Yoogeun ar,wish you have a healthy and happy life, and will not forget your lovely SHINee appas and your happy memories forever=]
    When you are grow up,you should always support your SHINee appa ar ><"
    Hope you can see my message=]
    Fighting! Yoogeun $ SHINee:)


  4. 1. when SHINee appa laugh at Yoogeun cuteness… that was the best memories for me…
    2. drop-dead-adorable…
    3. yoogeun ah~~~ stay healthy and grown up well… keep smiling and laughing… and don’t forget about SHINee appa ^^

    • xuan
    • April 10th, 2010

    hello baby memories? there’s too many to say! there’s total of 12 epi how am i gonna list finish >.<
    yooguen is damn cute! & he loves his shinee appa!

    yooguen ahh~ grow up well~
    & meet ur shinee appa again~ okays? ^^

    • park jae yeon
    • April 11th, 2010

    yoogeun ah~
    the best and cutest memory is when you wake all teh members up and when you called APPA~
    you are the cutest baby i ever met
    my wish for you is to grow up to be very healthy and dance ring ding dong together with shinee!

    • cynthia :)
    • April 11th, 2010

    my favorite Hello Baby memories is when yoogeun learned from Jonghyun how to kick Taemin appa! LOL 😀
    Yoogeun is very lovable child, i really love him hehe XD i hope that yoogeun will grow up well and dont forget your appas! kkk~ XD

  5. first~my favorite hello baby memories is when Onew appa and yooguen hug each other…awwwwww~

    second~I think yooguen is the cutest ever…~

    third~I wish yooguen the best…and smile always okay~

  6. 1. i love all episodes of hello baby
    but mostly i love episode 4; when yoogeun wakes up the shinee appas with his killer cuteness, episode 5; when minho appa makes yoogeun cries for the first time, it’s quite surprising me and episode 8: when yoogeun obviously obssesed with the tunnel play game and hits jonghyun appa, it is hilarious and episode 9; when the shinee appas tell him to say sorry but he refuses to and just snorted at them, very funny!
    2. Yoogeun is the most adorable and cute baby i’ve ever seen. I’ve always wanted to pinch his red rosy cheeks 😀
    3. Yoogeun-ah, be healthy and and always cheer up like the other shinee appa. And i hope you’ll never forget them that have taken care of you in 3 months. I’ll be missing you Yoogeun!

    • almira
    • April 13th, 2010

    1. Your favorite Hello Baby memories
    — All of the episoded have great memories 😀
    And all of them are my favorite ^^
    2. What do you think about YooGeun
    — Yoogeun is the cutest baby I’ve seen in my life.. though there a lot of cute babies. but h’es the one who really caught my attention 😀
    3. Your wish to YooGeun
    — Yoogeun ah ~ Pls always stay healthy, and don’t forget about your SHINee appas ~ I’ll surely miss you 😀 always communicate with your SHINee appas ~ and be always a good boy. fighting !! 8D

    • juliettersh
    • April 15th, 2010

    1. When Minho appa and yoogeun play along at KBS studio, when yoogeun cries and minho appa calming down yoogeun and every time with SHINee appas are great memories 🙂

    2.Yoogeun is cute and he’s smart too.. he is the cutest baby in the world!

    3.Yoogeun please always Healthy and don’t forget your lovable time with ur appas ok?! DON’T FORGET SHINee APPAS! saranghae Yoogeun


    • October 3rd, 2010

    Ya, Yooguen~ah, I see ALOT of people have commented for u! U have become so POPULAR!! Who knew a normal typical baby would become so famous! There are fans of u, all around the world! I’m one of them Yoogeun!
    I’m missing u so much since SHINee Oppa’s finished ‘Hello Baby’…. I’ve seen loads of videos of u dancing to SHINee oppa’s songs! U l0ok SO CUTE! ^_^ *aigoo!* U’ve also grown alot….. U’ve gone skinnier too! Eat healthy okay Yoogeun baby!?? Keep up With the latest SHINee gossips!
    My comment is soooo LONG!!
    U know what my favourite time of ‘Hello Baby’ was?? EVERYTHING!! I can’t choose one single moment…….. All those time u spent with SHINee oppa’s a very special! I hope u remember them, even when u’r an old man!!! U’r gonna say “Ahhh, SHINee! I remember now. They’re the guys who looked after me when I was 3~4 years of age!” I hope u really will remember them!!! ^_^ stay safe!!!!! ~

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