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Taeyeon-BEAST, Beauty and Flower Beast (?) ‘Who Is Prettier~

Girl’s Generation’s TaeYeon and male group BEAST release eye-catching photos.

On the 9th (of April) MBC FM4U ‘TaeYeon’s Bestfriend’ (a.k.a ‘Chin-Chin’) Homepage released pictures of DJ TaeYeon and the guest that participated on the “Simple MT” corner, BEAST, on the “Photo By Chin Chin” section of the bulletin board.

In one photo, they all put ‘V’ pose prettily, and in the other photo Taeyeon and BEAST’s members show their fun poses while joking around.

‘Chin Chin’ crews said, “We want BEAST as little brothers, as Oppa (T/N: older brother) and as boyfriend” and “From now on ‘Chin Chin too, will give BEAST love and passion that never ends,” the crew said affectionately.

Because of their pretty poses, netizens say “TaeYeon, BEAST, both of them are pretty. We hope for frequent appearances on ‘Chin Chin’”. Some of them also said, “Very pretty beastly boys, BEAST”.

[TVdaily = KimJiKyeong Reporter / Photo Source = MBC FM4U ‘TaeYeon’s Bestfriend’ homepage]

CREDITS: tvdaily (SOURCE); giggle.@B2ST Rising (TRANS)


KARA Nicole voted #1 for female singers who suits the cheerleader image the best

KARA Nicole has been voted the #1 female singer who suits the image of a cheerleader.

A survey was done on music site Monkey 3 from 2nd to 8th April with participation by 1,181 netizens on ‘Which female singer best fit the image of a cheer girl at the baseball field?’ and Nicole was voted #1 qith 329 votes (28% of total votes).

The reasons netizens pick Nicole for the poll are “She looks the best in cheerleader costume”, “It seems like she can get the right atmosphere with her dances like butt dance” etc.

Go under the cut for the rest of the poll results.

  1. KARA Nicole
  2. 4Minute HyunA (24%)
  3. After School UEE (23%)
  4. T-ara HyoMin (10%)
  5. After School GaHee (9%)
  6. WonderGirls SoHee (5%)

Source; My Daily

Key’s present to JongHyun

Original message:

[Key] 종현이형 생일!! Key의 스페셜 선물ㅋㅋㅋ 종현이형이 아직 못봤어요,저 Simpsons Bag에 넣어서 줘야지~ 입혀서 인증샷 찍을게요~ P.S – 생일빵도 저기 있네!

In English:

[Key] Jong Hyeon hyung’s birthday!! My special presentㅋㅋㅋ He hasn’t seen it, so I’ll put it in the Simpsons bag and give it to him later~ I’ll take pictures of him wearing it~ P.S – There’s going to be birthday beats too!

Source; DKP

BEG’s Jea shares some selca photos on Cyworld!

Like the other young female idols,Brown Eyed Girls’ Jea also shared some newly taken selca photos on her personal Cyworld.

She is confident with herself,i can see it from her eyes,pose confidently and smile,is she as attractive as the other female idols out there?

Source: DKP

Jo Kwon and Ga-In celebrate their 200th day anniversary

2AM’s leader Jo Kwon and Brown Eyed Girlsmember Ga-In are an onscreen couple on the reality show We Got Married. On the 7th, the two celebrated their 200th day anniversary as ‘husband and wife’.

Via their me2DAY, the couple uploaded these two pictures captioned, “Long time since the last upload. These photos were just taken.

Source: AKP

2NE1’s CL wants a kiss

2NE1’s fierce rapping leader CL is known for her bad girl tough exterior but it turns out she’s got a secret feminine side as she reveals that no matter how tough a girl gets, there’s always room for romance.

Via her me2DAY, CL wrote, “Give me a kiss.” and uploaded a photo of her sticking her cheek out towards the camera for a virtual kiss.

Female fans who saw this said, “Sorry but I can’t do that. I’m a girl“, “I don’t want to. I’ll kiss Park Bom“, “Even if I don’t do it, aren’t there many others who would?” and “Why did you become so pretty?“.

Of course, the male crowd responded in a much more positive and romantic way saying, “Come here immediately“, “I kissed you but why aren’t you responding to me?!” and “I want to kiss your lips rather than the cheeks“.

Source; AKP

Onew stars in “Oh! My Lady”!!???

It seems that many SM’s artists are showing Siwon some love.

f(x)’s Sulli appeared in the first episode of the drama modelling with Siwon and it has been confirmed that SNSD will have a camoe appearance for the drama too,but now it seems that Onew has appeared in the 5th episode of the drama too.Wondering what role he plays??Take a look at the photo below..











Can you see Onew??Have some laughs please!

Source: DKP