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Narsha has no interest in Sangchu

The sweet romance scandal made its first emergence on an episode of Star Golden Bell… and their relationship has since taken a nosedive ever since.

On an episode of Park Myung Soo’s variety show, SBS E!TV Big Star ShowNarsha has made herself clear of her lack of interest for Sangchu. This, of course, is not the first time the woman has done so.

On a segment where the stars engage in a phone interview with their celebrity acquaintance, Narsha has gladly participated upon request. The host Park Myung Soo erupted with a sudden question, “How long has it been since you and Sangchu got together?” Fierce Narsha answered nonchalantly, “We aren’t together yet.”

Skeptical, Kim Young Chul asked again, “By saying you two aren’t together ‘yet,’ are you saying that you wish to in the future?” He was answered shortly by Narsha, “No, I have no desire to date him.”

Again with the whole celebrity romance – give them a break!

Source: AKP


BEG’s Jea shares some selca photos on Cyworld!

Like the other young female idols,Brown Eyed Girls’ Jea also shared some newly taken selca photos on her personal Cyworld.

She is confident with herself,i can see it from her eyes,pose confidently and smile,is she as attractive as the other female idols out there?

Source: DKP

Most Popular Idol Groups Survey

01. DBSK – Xiah
02. DBSK – Micky
03. DBSK – Jaejoong
04. DBSK – Yunho
05. SNSD – Taeyeon
06. DBSK – Changmin
07. Big Bang – G-Dragon
08. SNSD – Yoona
09. Super Junior – Heechul
10. Super Junior – Donghae
11. SS501 – HyunJoong
12. SNSD – Jessica
13. Super Junior – EunHyuk
14. Wonder Girls – SoHee
15. Super Junior – SungMin
16. SNSD – Tiffany
17. 2PM – Jaebeom
18. SS501 – Young Saeng
19. Big Bang – Seungri
20. Super Junior – LeeTuek
21. FT.island – HongKi
22. Super Junior – Siwon
23. SHINee – Taemin
24. Big Bang – T.O.P
25. 2PM – TaecYeon
26. SNSD – Yuri
27. 2PM – Wooyoung
28. Super Junior – KiBum
29. Super Junior – Ryeowook
30. 2PM – Nichkhun
31. Big Bang – Daesung
32. 2AM – JoKwon
33. 2PM – Junsu
34. SNSD – SeoHyun
35. SS501 – KyuJong
36. SHINee – JongHyun
37. After School – UEE
38. Kara – Hara
39. 2NE1 – Park Bom
40. Super Junior – KyuHyun
41. Wonder Girls – SunYe
42. SHINee – Onew
43. Kara – Seung-Yeon
44. SNSD – Sunny
45. Big Bang – Taeyang
46. FT.island – Minhwan
47. Super Junior – YeSung
48. Wonder Girls – Mimi
49. Beast – Yo-seob
50. SNSD – SooYoung
51. SHINee – Key
52. SHINee – Minho
53. Super Junior – ShinDong
54. 2NE1 – Sandara Park
55. Brown Eyed Girls – Narsha
56. Wonder Girls – YeEun
57. Tiara – Ji Yeon
58. Kara – Nicole
59. Brown Eyed Girls – GaIn
60. 2NE1 – CL
61. 4minute – Hyuna
62. Tiara – Eun Jung
63. SNSD – Hyoyeon
64. Tiara – Hyomin
65. Kara – Ji-Young
66. After School – Kahi
67. Beast – Dong Woon
68. MBLAQ – Lee Joon
69 Kara – Gyuri
70. After School – Jooyeon

Credits: SS501 Baidu + Wooyoung Baidu + (trans) fasintha @ + + gellie @ DailyKpopNews

Baby faced Man Beasts of Korea

If guys dream about girls that are innocent and glamorous, then girls dream about baby faced beasts. That sounds quite odd but the term describes guys that have a pretty-boy face but a beastly body, which is becoming quite popular.

So let’s take a look at the baby faced beasts of the Korean entertainment world.

1. Go Soo (Gosu)

He is a popular actor in Korea and is known for having a gorgeous face. Just wait, it gets better. He also has a six pack making himself the ultimate baby faced beast. His face almost resembles a comic book character because his eyes always look a bit watery as if he carries around sadness in them.

2. 2PM’s Nichkhun

Nichkhun is sometimes referred to being prettier than girls. This might not be the best compliment for a guy but for some weird reason, girls love that. He has an angelic face with baby white skin which Koreans love also. But what you guys might not know is that he has a rocking body. With all his work outs, he has muscles under that soft white skin.

3. 2AM’s Jo Kwon

Jo Kwon is more known for his diva / kkab (craziness) and his adorable face. Whenever he smiles, girls say “Aw!” He may be kind of small and just a cutie but he has a body that took a lot of work. Even Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga-In, his on-screen wife on We Got Married, has admitted to being impressed by his six pack and arm muscles.

4. Chun Jung Myung

His face may look a bit baby-like in a way, he is a cute beast man. He looks cute with his large eyes and his smile but his acting roles have shown off some toughness in him. I mean, this guy just came back from the army. Do I need to say more?

Which is your favorite baby faced beast?

Brown Eyed Girls for Nine West

In a recent photoshoot for Nine West, the members of Brown Eyed Girls did what they do best.

Each member picked a style that they felt suited them. Narsha went with a casual look while leader Jea went with a double image look, showing off her natural look as well as her powerful side.


Cafe Daum is very well-known fan cafe in Korea.

Below is the number of the members of the each stars cafe from #1-#25

1. TVXQ 783805

2. Bigbang 366398

3. Girls Generation 297771

4. SS501 266442

5. 2PM 264345

6. Super Junior 248616

7. Shinwa 188821

8. SHINee 116447

9. Wonder Girls 109823

10. FT-Island 109585

11. 2NE1 96690

12.HOT 75616

13.GOD 72020

14.MBLAQ 67417

15.BEAST 64287

16.SES 61319

17.2AM 57662

18.F(X) 55682

19.kara 52849

20.BrownEyedGirls 44003

21.T-ara 20210

22.4Minute: 18854

23.AfterSchool 14726

24.U-Kiss 4936

25.HAM 961

Credit: + sahya + (English Translation) and daily kpop news