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The “real” music battle starts in May?

Even though we’re already seeing a competition of comebacks from many artists including Rain and Lee Hyori, it’s looking like the month of May will be just as competitive as April, if not more.

With the two top stars likely going to dominate this month and June’s FIFA World Cup approaching, many artists are looking to aim May as their comeback. After all, it’d be wise to avoid competition with Rain & Lee Hyori in April and also stay away from the dates of June 11th – July 11th, when Koreans will have their eyes glued to broadcasts of the FIFA World Cup.

It is also now speculated that 2PM, who is planning to comeback at the end of April, will push back their comeback date to May instead of April because of Rain and Lee Hyori’s delay of comeback from the naval ship tragedy.

Artists who are scheduling to comeback in May include the Wonder Girls (May 15th),SS501 (May 1st), 2NE14minute, Se7en and Son Dambi.

Son Dambi for one has pushed her comeback twice – first she scheduled her return for March, then dealyed to April, and is now shooting for a date in May. Regarding the delays, her agency stated, “It’s not because of the naval ship tragedy; it’s because we want to make Son Dambi’s album more complete and perfect.

The Wonder Girls, who originally planned to come back in April, will release their U.S debut album in countries around the world including Korea on May 15th, and the girls are planning to cross promote between America and Korea.

One of the related sources from the music industry speculated, “In my opinion, it’s useless to waste your energy coming back in April. A lot of the agencies are organizing their artists to comeback in May. In this coming May, we will see one of the fiercest gayo battles we’ve ever seen.

Source: AKP

4minute Japanese Single Tracklist + Covers Revealed!

On April 7th, UMJ/FET in charge of promoting 4minute in Japan revealed the 4 covers and the tracklist of the girls’ Japanese first single, Muzik

Release date: 2010.05.05

01. Muzik(Japanese Version)
02. HOT ISSUE(Original Version)
03. Muzik(Original Version)
04. Muzik(Instrumental)
05. HOT ISSUE(Instrumental)

Version A – CD + DVD (4Minute in Tokyo – Documentary) – ¥1500

Version B – CD + DVD (4Minute First Live Showcase in Japan) – ¥1500

Version C – CD + Booklet with photos + Trading Card – ¥1500

Version D – CD + Trading Card – ¥1000

Source : UMJ/FET + amazon + wintersun
credit: Meeli @ + blueprincess824 @ Dailykpopnews

Lee Hyori is preparing well for her comeback

Ahead of the release of the album~ The title track for Lee Hyori’s 4th album has been revealed and its “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”. What is it like?

Rookie Composer Ryan Jhun participated in the creation of this track and more information about it has been a secret and not much concrete explanation was given. But the representatives said that it has an intense tune and looks like it will be a dance track.

There will be 13 tracks in her full album including ‘Swing’, ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’, ‘BRING IT BACK’, FEEL THE SAME ‘, ‘100percent’, ‘SCANDAL’, ‘SO COLD ‘,’ WANT ME BACK ‘,’ GET 2 KNOW ME ‘and backbone.

Lee Hyori is currently practicing for her comeback performances and is preparing well. She has planned this album for a lot of time and wants it no less than Perfect.

Source: Newsen
Credit: Blueprincess824 @ DailyKpopNews

Top 15 vocalist of April

The members of Super Junior K.R.Y which formed by Kyuhyun Ryeowook and Yesung are the top 3 best vocalist of April voted by netizens. In addiction, SM artistes like Junsu from TVXQ and Jonghyun from SHINee are also in the top 5 with 1223 votes and 1045 votes.

1.예성 (슈퍼주니어) – 4349 (Yesung Super Junior)
2.규현 (슈퍼주니어) – 4212 (Kyuhyun Super Junior)
3.려욱 (슈퍼주니어) – 1944 (Ryeowook Super Junior)
4.준수 (동방신기) – 1223  (Xiah Junsu TVXQ)
5.종현 (샤이니) – 1045 (Jonghyun SHINee)
6.이창민 (2AM) – 952 (Changmin 2AM)
7.태연 (소녀시대) – 878 (Taeyeon SNSD)
8.이해리 (다비치) – 800 (Lee Haeri Davichi)
9.조권 (2AM) – 780 (Jokwon 2AM)
10.제시카 (소녀시대) – 735 (Jessica SNSD)
11.이승기 – 659 (Lee Seunggi)
12.서현 (소녀시대) – 654 (Seohyun SNSD)
13.양요섭 (비스트) – 544 (Yoseob Beast)
14.박봄 (2NE1) – 540 (Park Bom 2NE1)
15.한승연 (카라) – 521 (Seungyeon Kara)

Source: Baidu Thread

Credits: Syee22 @ Daily K Pop News

Lee Hyori swings to the top of online music charts

K-pop princess Lee Hyori has swept online music charts with her latest single“Swing”, according to her agency Mnet Media on Tuesday.

The single, from the singer’s fourth album “H-Logic”released on Mnet’s website and portal site Naver on April 1, conquered several real-time online and digital sound source charts the same day.

“Swing” currently occupies the No. 1 slot of online music charts including Mnet, Bugs, Soribada, Dosirak, Monkey 3, Daum and online social networking site Cyworld as well as the chart for music retailers Hanteo.

A representative from Mnet said, “It is rare to have a song which is not a title track to top music charts.”

The singer currently putting the final touches to the music video of her title track. She is also preparing for the release of her fourth album and her return to the music scene.

Lee made her debut in 1998 as the leader of the popular four-member girl band Fin.K.L. She began her solo career in 2002, releasing several albums which include her hit songs “10 Minutes,” “Hey Girl” and “Get Ya.”

She has displayed her talent in other sectors of the entertainment industry by hosting and appearing in numerous variety shows, most notably in the first season of SBS’ “Family Outing” alongside popular Korean host Yoo Jae-suk.

Reporter : Park Kun-ouc
Editor : Lucia Hong
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Source: Asiae

Top 10 songs on Music Bank in 2010!

Firstly,many thanks to Kpop-melody for sending in the tips!

Here are the scores of the top ten songs on Music Bank so far,as expected,SNSD topped the chart with their hit song “Oh!” followed by 2AM’s “Can’t Let You Go Even If I Die”.

Newcomers CN Blue came in third on the charts,KARA and T-ara are placed at 4th and 5th place respectively.

Top 10 scores for the songs on Music Bank in 2010!

1. SNSD – Oh! 131,370
2. 2AM – Can’t let you go even if I die 92,395
3. C.N Blue – loner 73,179
4. KARA – Lupin 60,352
5. T-ara – crazy because of you 35,884
6. Jo Kwon & Gain – we fell in love 31,289
7. Hyun A – Change 28,641
8. Beast – shock 26,721
9. SNSD – Run devil run 24,635 (only 2 weeks!)
10. Epik High – run 19,036

Source: DKP

Is 2PM’s comeback a gamble?

2PM is facing an April comeback and the spotlight is on them because they are facing off big name stars such as Bi and Hyori. However, what’s attracting the most attention is the fact that this will be their first comeback after their former member Park Jaebum’s withdrawal.

2PM still remains as the hottest issue after last year’s controversy surrounding former member Jaebum’s leave. Despite the attention, they are preparing a comeback as a complete six membered group.

According to reports, 2PM has already decided their title track and are currently in discussion for music videos, stage and internal concepts.

Many artists have declared their comebacks for April. Not only Bi and Hyori but Ivy and Son Dambi will be making the music market the fullest of the season. 2PM will be joining the ranks of these comebacks but will they be able to show their talent amongst their seniors? As if the pressure wasn’t enough, 2PM will also have to deal with the loss of their fans because of Jaebum’s complete withdrawal.

Why did 2PM choose to come back in April amidst so many negative aspects working against them? They have not been able to turn back the hearts of the fans that have left them. They have earned the nickname of ‘Traitor Idol’ after Jaebum’s leave, and it seems as if they are taking a big gamble by setting their come back for April.

None of the finer details regarding their come back has been revealed, raising the interest amongst netizens. 2PM may be beastly idols but it seems as if they won’t be able to just push forward just another beastly image this time again. With popular artists already receiving all of the attention, it’s integral that they come up with something unique. And unfortunately for them, Bi is already the representative image of a beastly male.

They are in a desperate situation where they must melt the hearts of their fans and somehow shine brightly as they are squished between their legendary seniors in order to not be buried. Have they already found it?

No information has been revealed regarding this come back other than the fact that there is a come back. Whether it is negative or positive, they have been successful in gathering attention. The only thing left is revealing the inner contents.

Is 2PM attempting to test their influence? Or have they found a secret weapon? If not that, are they truly moving in compliance with the various scenarios that are circulating on the internet? The internal situation will never be known until the lid is opened, but we will be cautiously watching on with our arms crossed.

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