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SHINee’s Onew thanks SNSD’s Jessica for musical recommendation

Onew of Shinee made his musical debut with Brothers were Brave recently and has received plenty of love from the audience and fans alike. With his early success in the theater business, he gave his thanks to SNSD’s Jessica for her help.

Many of you will remember that Jessica was in her own musical not too long ago. She played Elle Woods for Legally Blonde and received much positive feedback on both her voice and acting. What you may not know is that Jessica helped Onew get casted for Brothers were Brave. Onew shared, “Because of my senior Jessica’s recommendation, I got cast for this musical.”

Onew also commented, “Out of 10, I don’t think I’m even a 5 yet. During the first opening night, I didn’t make any mistakes but the next night, I messed up a lot. During the highlight of the musical, I was supposed to say that I was 28 years old but instead, I said, ‘I am 38 years old.’ I will try my best to become an actor who continues to make less mistakes and whose score gradually grows higher.”

I’m glad to see the SM family helping each other out! And no worries Onew! As time goes on, I’m sure you’ll be the actor of the idol generation!

Cr: Allkpop


2PM’s Taecyeon reveals past girlfriends!

2PM’s Taecyeon reveals past girlfriends!

In the world of Korean entertainment, we often watch kpop idols seal their lips shut about their romantic lives. However, 2PM beast Taecyeon talked about his past relationships on today’s episode of the third season of KBSHappy Together.

As many fans know, Taecyeon was born in Korea and lived in Boston, Massachusetts in America for seven years. During the episode, co-host Park Myung Soo asked the idol whether he had any girlfriends during this time.

Shyly, Taecyeon revealed that his ex-girlfriend’s name was Amy. Co-host,  Shin Bong Sun then asked whether this girl had been white, to which Taecyeon vaguely responded, “No, I had different white girlfriend,” which amplified the cast’s interest in Taecyeon’s past.

Taecyeon hesitated for a while, then finally said, “Jessi… Jessi… Jessica,” causing the cast to immediately connect Taecyeon with SNSD’s Jessica. It turns out that this Jessica was just the white girlfriend he had referred to earlier, so don’t get your hopes too high!

JaeBum and Hyori are the #1 stars netizens “want to run away together with”

Singer Lee Hyori and ex 2PM member Park JaeBum have been chosen as the #1 male and female stars netizens want to run away together with.

A survey was conducted on the official site for movie ‘Runaway From Home’ from 31st March till 7th April on “Who do you want to run away with, without a counterplan or not knowing where to go?” and Lee Hyori and Park JaeBum were voted #1 on the survey.

Park JaeBum received 51% of the votes for male celebrities, followed by Rain, Lee SeungGi etc. And for female celebrities, Lee Hyori came in #1 with 44% of the votes, followed by So Nyeo Shi Dae YoonA and Shin SaeKyung.

The movie will start screening from 8th April.


Top 15 vocalist of April

The members of Super Junior K.R.Y which formed by Kyuhyun Ryeowook and Yesung are the top 3 best vocalist of April voted by netizens. In addiction, SM artistes like Junsu from TVXQ and Jonghyun from SHINee are also in the top 5 with 1223 votes and 1045 votes.

1.예성 (슈퍼주니어) – 4349 (Yesung Super Junior)
2.규현 (슈퍼주니어) – 4212 (Kyuhyun Super Junior)
3.려욱 (슈퍼주니어) – 1944 (Ryeowook Super Junior)
4.준수 (동방신기) – 1223  (Xiah Junsu TVXQ)
5.종현 (샤이니) – 1045 (Jonghyun SHINee)
6.이창민 (2AM) – 952 (Changmin 2AM)
7.태연 (소녀시대) – 878 (Taeyeon SNSD)
8.이해리 (다비치) – 800 (Lee Haeri Davichi)
9.조권 (2AM) – 780 (Jokwon 2AM)
10.제시카 (소녀시대) – 735 (Jessica SNSD)
11.이승기 – 659 (Lee Seunggi)
12.서현 (소녀시대) – 654 (Seohyun SNSD)
13.양요섭 (비스트) – 544 (Yoseob Beast)
14.박봄 (2NE1) – 540 (Park Bom 2NE1)
15.한승연 (카라) – 521 (Seungyeon Kara)

Source: Baidu Thread

Credits: Syee22 @ Daily K Pop News

Onew stars in “Oh! My Lady”!!???

It seems that many SM’s artists are showing Siwon some love.

f(x)’s Sulli appeared in the first episode of the drama modelling with Siwon and it has been confirmed that SNSD will have a camoe appearance for the drama too,but now it seems that Onew has appeared in the 5th episode of the drama too.Wondering what role he plays??Take a look at the photo below..











Can you see Onew??Have some laughs please!

Source: DKP

SNSD Makes Cameo Appearance On “Oh! My Lady”, Showing Loyalty To Choi Siwon!

SNSD’s Sooyoung, Jessica, and Hyoyeon is setting out to be Choi Siwon’s supporters.

They are taking the cameo roles in SBS’s “Oh! My Lady”, which Choi Siwon is starring in.

On the recording which took place on the 7th, Sooyoung, Jessica, and Hyoyeon became models for Choi Siwon, who could not go up on the fashion show stage due to his health.

As SNSD is showing talent in different fields other than singing, they have no problems with fashion shows as well.

The producer of “Oh! My Lady” has stated, “Choi Siwon and SNSD are both in SM Entertainment, and because they have such a close relationship, it seems as they are appearing as cameos.
As SNSD members are appearing, it shows a greater image of the plot with celebrity, fans, and managers.”

SM Entertainment stated, “SNSD and Choi Siwon has a very close friendship. The cameo appearance has been decided from this extension as well.
It’s nice to see SNSD members and Choi Siwon helping each other.”

Credit: SosizSoshified

Most Popular Idol Groups Survey

01. DBSK – Xiah
02. DBSK – Micky
03. DBSK – Jaejoong
04. DBSK – Yunho
05. SNSD – Taeyeon
06. DBSK – Changmin
07. Big Bang – G-Dragon
08. SNSD – Yoona
09. Super Junior – Heechul
10. Super Junior – Donghae
11. SS501 – HyunJoong
12. SNSD – Jessica
13. Super Junior – EunHyuk
14. Wonder Girls – SoHee
15. Super Junior – SungMin
16. SNSD – Tiffany
17. 2PM – Jaebeom
18. SS501 – Young Saeng
19. Big Bang – Seungri
20. Super Junior – LeeTuek
21. FT.island – HongKi
22. Super Junior – Siwon
23. SHINee – Taemin
24. Big Bang – T.O.P
25. 2PM – TaecYeon
26. SNSD – Yuri
27. 2PM – Wooyoung
28. Super Junior – KiBum
29. Super Junior – Ryeowook
30. 2PM – Nichkhun
31. Big Bang – Daesung
32. 2AM – JoKwon
33. 2PM – Junsu
34. SNSD – SeoHyun
35. SS501 – KyuJong
36. SHINee – JongHyun
37. After School – UEE
38. Kara – Hara
39. 2NE1 – Park Bom
40. Super Junior – KyuHyun
41. Wonder Girls – SunYe
42. SHINee – Onew
43. Kara – Seung-Yeon
44. SNSD – Sunny
45. Big Bang – Taeyang
46. FT.island – Minhwan
47. Super Junior – YeSung
48. Wonder Girls – Mimi
49. Beast – Yo-seob
50. SNSD – SooYoung
51. SHINee – Key
52. SHINee – Minho
53. Super Junior – ShinDong
54. 2NE1 – Sandara Park
55. Brown Eyed Girls – Narsha
56. Wonder Girls – YeEun
57. Tiara – Ji Yeon
58. Kara – Nicole
59. Brown Eyed Girls – GaIn
60. 2NE1 – CL
61. 4minute – Hyuna
62. Tiara – Eun Jung
63. SNSD – Hyoyeon
64. Tiara – Hyomin
65. Kara – Ji-Young
66. After School – Kahi
67. Beast – Dong Woon
68. MBLAQ – Lee Joon
69 Kara – Gyuri
70. After School – Jooyeon

Credits: SS501 Baidu + Wooyoung Baidu + (trans) fasintha @ + + gellie @ DailyKpopNews