Do you know anything about me?

I can be described as a shy, little innocent girl, to people who don’t know me.
Laughter is a must, i can’t stand a routine.
If you’re loud, sporadic, and half retarded, we’ll get along just fine.
I have been named ‘the queen of schemes’.
I am very good at getting what i want.
I hate being in trouble but i’m in it 99% of the time.
Drama likes to follow me, but i’ve learned to laugh at it because no one can be ‘drama-free’.
Just do what you do, don’t worry about anyone else.
I’ve learned to let go. i can’t control what’s going to happen to me, and i don’t want to. Live in the moment.
Close your eyes and remember the good times.
Hold onto your happiness, never let it go.
I want to accomplish many things; and no one is going to stop me.




  1. nice blog

    • gaby
    • February 13th, 2010

    JacQ i lovelovelove your blogg 😀

  2. Twitter said there’s no twitter like that I wanna follow you @Jaehoonkorea

  3. Hai.. Nice blog..
    I’ll wait for u next update 🙂

    i cant found your twitter account..
    R u change your id?

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