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The trendsetter in Korea

If  you guys aren’t aware about the K-pop, and what’s going on over there. Especially in the world of fashion.

Let me go through it once from the beginning.

Nowadays, K-pop has a big influence to the teenagers in Korea and outside Korea (even outside Asia)

They are all start listening to korean bands / singers. Watching the korean dramas etc. Even some of the teenagers make them think that their favorite bands / singers are their role models too! They dress just exactly like them. I guess everyone will definitely agree about that since we can now see it by ourselves.

The most famous trendsetter in Korea itself is G-DRAGON (Kwon Ji Yong) , he’s the leader of a group band in Korea, Big Bang.

He  is known as a fashionista since he loves to dress differently n from my point of view. It’s unique  and outrageous. He changes his hairstyle every 3 months once. So there was this one time he dyed his hair into blonde, and everyone starts to copy his hair color, not only teenagers but also celebrities.

G-DRAGON’s blonde hair:

Right after that, some celebrities start to copy his hair color

1. Jessica (SNSD)

2. Lee Hong Ki (FT Island)

3. Shin Dong (Super Junior)

4. Yoseob (B2ST)

and many others..

Not only teenagers will do that, but also the celebrities. Basically, it tells us that G-Dragon is one of the trendsetters that affect the fashion cycles in Korea.