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SNSD’s Seohyun poses for new pictorial

Looks like maknae Seohyun’s rocking the concept with a new pictorial with the famous photographer Park Jihyuk.

There’s definitely something elegant about this simple shoot, but I’m not sure how I’m feeling about the Salvatore Ferragamo wardrobe and windblown, gravity-defying hairstyles

2NE1’s Denim Fashion Tips Are?

Famous as fashionistas, What tips would the girl group 2NE1 give for pulling off denim 100%?

2NE1 recently had an interview with Money Today Star News in ‘2010 Big Project Girl Group Male Clothing Photoshoot.’ Here, 2NE1 praised it as they said “Denim is an item we always very much enjoy.” And then they came in showing off their own style of a denim look.

The stylist for today, LEe Jin Kyu, said, “ Overall I styled it with denim as the theme, and mixed and matched to create a retro atmosphere and a western feeling.”

[We] learned how to coordinate a denim style well. First of all, CL said, “Denim has a boot cut as well as a straight cut, and it differs between the bottom length and the top length. Above all, when choosing a pair of jeans, one should check the fit, and I think it’s important that one checks to see if it suits their figure or not.”

She continued, “As for brands, I wear a lot of Beanpole jeans. It was a pretty fit [for me].”

Park Bom said “I like dressing in styles where I can show a bit of my legs.” And “For a feminine look, a simple style seems to be good. I wear pants that hang on the hips, and the body line is pretty.”

Sandara Park advised, “On top of a pair of jeans, I match it with a pretty button up shirt or a belt. I usually don’t do accessories. I have always liked hats and shoes so I match those up, and I think using a trifle article as a point will make the jeans look prettier.

Gong Minji stated, “I wear Beanpole jeans often. If the jeans are simple, then I wear a more flashy print shirt.” And “For example, a bold colored pair of heels or lace is another way of letting the denim look stand out.”

Then the look they have chosen is?

Firstly, 2NE1’s leader CL chose a white lace top from D&G and a washed crop pants as a base, and from here, the black lace bra seen from behind the white lace top emphasizes the sexy figure of CL. Since the style can come off as bland, she puts a Missoni belt as an accent, and a brown and black gladiator Guess shoes to follow the trend.

Sandara Park wore the most male-like look. With Stella McCartney’s denim shirtts and denim pants, Burbury Prorsum’s brown belt and, instead of on the head, putting the head band from Eryn Brinie brought out a strong oldies feel. In addition, covering up her brown Guess shoes with the jeans gave the feeling of a little child wearing big clothes.

Park Bom, who enjoys hot pants, wore an Issey Miyake beige top under Mardi Judy’s denim jacket with a belt to give it an edge. The poofed up hair reminds one of a pop star.

The youngest Gong Minji wears a white print sleeveless shirt (Erin Watson by Hans Style) and a denim shirt(Golden Goose by Hans Style) matched up with a silky scarf. She accented her sexy qualities with a pair of lacy denim pants by Dolce & Gabanna. She finished off the look with a pair of trendy black gladiator shoes (Steve Madden).

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source: Star News

Ga Hee & UEE are the models of Vivaldi Park Ocean World!

Members Ga Hee & Uee become the models of Vivaldi Park Ocean World.Lee Hyori has become the model of the ocean park before and some photos of Hyori in bikini have been released during that time.

So we can expect some hotter stuffs from the girls in the near future,but they are already hot here right?

Source: DKP

Stars spotted at the 2010 Seoul Fashion Week

The 2010 Seoul Fashion Week was into it’s final day on the evening of April 1st at the Seoul Trade Exhibition Center (Setec) where many stars turned up to show their support for fashion designer, Son Jung Wan.

This fashion show is a long-run tradition and this year’s marked the 20th anniversary. There were 15 men’s wear designers and 30 women’s wear designers for the Seoul Collection show and12 next-generation designers for the Generation Next show.

Notable star designers such as Kim Jae Hyun, Go Tae Yong, Lee Joo Young, Lee Suk Tae and Kwak Hyun Ju were also present and many kept their eyes on these designers to see what kind of fashion pieces they were going to present.

The main focus this evening however was on Son Jung Wan who is Korea’s most famous women’s wear designer with many actors and artists in attendance which included SNSD’s Jessica, After School’s Kahi and JooyeonJeon Hye Bin, Seo In Young, SS501’s Park Jung Min, T-Max’s Kim Joon, Lee Yoon Ji, Lee Soo Kyung, Hwang Jung Eum, Lee Se Eun, Go Eun Ah, Jo Yun Hui, etc.

And it certainly resembled a red carpet for an awards ceremony.

Source: AKP

2NE1 members fought each other for clothes?

2NE1 is well known for their crazy and creative fashion sense and the group was recently interviewed during a photoshoot for ARENA May issue over whether they ever fought each other over clothing and accessories.

The members laughed and answered, “Each member has a different style, so we have no reason to fight over clothes.” CL then stated, “If we get clothes or accessories, we all know who it belongs to depending on the style.”

Sandara Park then explained the different styles of the members. She stated, Bomis always a onepiece. Hotpants also fits, which suit her feminine look. Baggy jeans and a beanie hat suits me, which is good because it’s getting cold these days (laughs). Minzy, even though shes young, likes to wear sexy clothes. She has a mature style, which is the opposite of my childish fashion.”

Minzy then stated, “It’s surprising how our fashion is all different. Dara and CL unnie likes the “street” look, with lots of prints. I, on the otherhand, favor feminine clothes.”

The group was then asked to pick who the best dresser was.

Without hesitation, they all picked CL. Minzy stated, “CL unnie likes to try a variety of styles. Whenever we have a new song or music video, her fashion is always different.”

Sandara Park stated, “CL was different even when we were trainees. Her fashion is very unique. She completes our group’s overall look.”

The photoshoot concept was different then usual, as they were going for a masculine look. Check out the BTS photos that were released!

Source: AKP

Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Sooyoung & Seohyun for ELLE Magazine

SNSD’s Soo Young,Hyo Yeon,Tiffany & maknae Seo Hyun pose for the latest edition of Elle Girl Korea!

The girls are wearing some queer outfits here frankly.I have not seen the girls with those matured outfits before,perhaps they are wearing them for summer.

Who do you think look the best with these outfits??

Who wore it better? Goo Hara [Kara-Lupin] VS Yoon Eun Hye [My Fair Lady]

This is what Goo Hara wore for Lupin. But then I remembered Yoon Eun Hye wore this jacket too on “My Fair Lady” korean drama.

I found it in “My Fair Lady” 5th episode. Well, “My Fair Lady” was broadcasted in 2009, so Goo Hara is so last year?

Source: koreanupdates