Taeyeon-BEAST, Beauty and Flower Beast (?) ‘Who Is Prettier~

Girl’s Generation’s TaeYeon and male group BEAST release eye-catching photos.

On the 9th (of April) MBC FM4U ‘TaeYeon’s Bestfriend’ (a.k.a ‘Chin-Chin’) Homepage released pictures of DJ TaeYeon and the guest that participated on the “Simple MT” corner, BEAST, on the “Photo By Chin Chin” section of the bulletin board.

In one photo, they all put ‘V’ pose prettily, and in the other photo Taeyeon and BEAST’s members show their fun poses while joking around.

‘Chin Chin’ crews said, “We want BEAST as little brothers, as Oppa (T/N: older brother) and as boyfriend” and “From now on ‘Chin Chin too, will give BEAST love and passion that never ends,” the crew said affectionately.

Because of their pretty poses, netizens say “TaeYeon, BEAST, both of them are pretty. We hope for frequent appearances on ‘Chin Chin’”. Some of them also said, “Very pretty beastly boys, BEAST”.

[TVdaily = KimJiKyeong Reporter / Photo Source = MBC FM4U ‘TaeYeon’s Bestfriend’ homepage]

CREDITS: tvdaily (SOURCE); giggle.@B2ST Rising (TRANS)

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