Look who’s back? IT’S BIGBANG!

DAY 1:

EVERYONE has been waiting for this, the come back show of BIGBANG.

Looks like all the fans are so excited, they even made “BBisBACK” into the trending topic on twitter..

They reached the 2nd place in less than an hour, which it was pretty AMAZING!

BBisBACK stayed on the trending topic, for about 3-4 hours! How cool was that??

I am so excited, who doesn’t anyway? :]

2ne1 also performed some songs during the concert. The girls performed their chart-topping hits ‘Fire’ and ‘I Don’t Care’. It makes the show even HOTTER! Come on, it’s 2ne1. Cute girls and handsome boys at the same time? WOW! Mad cool! I wish i was there to watch the performance though.

Some of the pics of Sandara Park (2ne1) at 2010 Big Bang concert BigShow (Credit goes to: ohdara, dcinside):

Looking HOT right? xD

And VIPS (fans) You should definitely be proud and participate of this!

Idol group, Big Bang will extending their help to the earthquake victims in Haiti through their concert (Big Show)

Coming 29th January at 8PM, 30th at 6PM and 31st at 5 PM, the group will be holding their ‘2010 BIG-BANG concert BIG SHOW’ concert. And to help those in need in Haiti, the group will also be donating from their first concert.

A YG Entertaiment staff said on 29th January, “Big Bang will be doing a donation drive at their concert venue for their concert performance this time. The Big Bang members will be also donating into this foundation funds.”

It was also added that, “We are expecting that the Big Bang fans will be participating actively in this donation drive. And the funds collected will be donated to help those in Haiti under the name of Big Bang and their fans.”

Credit: Sookyeong Kbites

BigBang BIG-SHOW Pamphlet (HQ+LQ).

Credit goes to: BBVIP , xtlower15 and ncly


Credit: BBVIP – ncly

The boys performed 38 songs:

1. Opening – Lies
2. Gara Gara Go
3. Sparkling, Sparkling Remix (Panchak, Panchak)
4. Wonderful Remiz
5. Hallelujah
6. Cotton Candy
7. The Next Day
8. Strong Baby
9. Top of the World
10. Number 1
11. Koe Kikasete
12. Make Love
13. Where U At
14. Wedding Dress Remix
15. As if Nothing’s Wrong Remix
16. T.O.P Solo Song
17. How Gee
18. Stylish Remix
19. Fire – 2NE1
20. I Don’t Care
21. Fool’s Only Tears
22. I Don’t Understand
23. Foolish Love
24. Oh My Baby
25. Remember
26. A Good Man
27. Stay
28. Haru Haru

Video Parody of 1 Night 2 Days

29. Intro + A Boy
30. Heartbreaker
31. Korean Dream
32. Always
33. Heaven
34. Fool
35. Big Hit
36. Last Farewell

Encore 1 : Sunset Glow
Encore 2 : Lies

Credit: DCVI , BigBangUpdates and Allkpop


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