The trendsetter in Korea

If  you guys aren’t aware about the K-pop, and what’s going on over there. Especially in the world of fashion.

Let me go through it once from the beginning.

Nowadays, K-pop has a big influence to the teenagers in Korea and outside Korea (even outside Asia)

They are all start listening to korean bands / singers. Watching the korean dramas etc. Even some of the teenagers make them think that their favorite bands / singers are their role models too! They dress just exactly like them. I guess everyone will definitely agree about that since we can now see it by ourselves.

The most famous trendsetter in Korea itself is G-DRAGON (Kwon Ji Yong) , he’s the leader of a group band in Korea, Big Bang.

He  is known as a fashionista since he loves to dress differently n from my point of view. It’s unique  and outrageous. He changes his hairstyle every 3 months once. So there was this one time he dyed his hair into blonde, and everyone starts to copy his hair color, not only teenagers but also celebrities.

G-DRAGON’s blonde hair:

Right after that, some celebrities start to copy his hair color

1. Jessica (SNSD)

2. Lee Hong Ki (FT Island)

3. Shin Dong (Super Junior)

4. Yoseob (B2ST)

and many others..

Not only teenagers will do that, but also the celebrities. Basically, it tells us that G-Dragon is one of the trendsetters that affect the fashion cycles in Korea.

    • Anony_mous
    • February 13th, 2010

    You know what, I really hate Korean Fashion but I love Kpop. It’s their music that I listen to, not the way they dress or anything ’cause their fashion disgust me especially G dragon’s hairstyle. I really think that people who wants to change their hairstyle and hair color should be aware if the color and style looks good on them. Blonde for Suju’s Shin Dong, looks ugly while SNSD’s Jessica Jung’s blonde hair looks gorgeous. Korean teenagers and celebrities are really out of their minds by following such trendsetter who sets trends that are way too outrageous but unique.

      • Lili
      • February 13th, 2010

      Lol @ you saying that they’re out of their mind to follow GD. What, way too outrageous but unique? I don’t get that line.

      • aaaa
      • October 14th, 2010

      unbelieveable do you even know what ur talkign about? -_- GD’s pale skin and complextion works with the pale blonde color of his hair… -_-… SNSD jessica’s hair is just a random ass color that has nothing to do with her skin tone or complextion

      • aaaa
      • October 14th, 2010

      o and GD fashion ain’t korean fashion… GD’s fashion is a variety of different cultures and styles from around the world. korean fashion itself is totally different… i’ve never seen GD wear korean fashion ever…

    • indiarosee
    • February 13th, 2010

    I disagree @ Anony_mous~~ I love K-Pop so much, but I also love the korean fashion! I’d love to be able to wear some of the outfits that korean idols wear! I don’t think I’d be able to walk around the uk wearing my hair like dara park of 2ne1 haha ^^ and damnn, if i could afford the items that gd wears, I’d sure wear them!

    I think sometimes the “outrageous” fashion styles add to live performances of the idols? I love watching my favourite idol groups on youtube to see what outfits they’re wearing! I get jealous keke ^^

    Also, I love the blonde hair too!! GD looks gorgeous with blonde hair, and I think Lee Hongki looks so cute with it too! Even Shin Dong can pull it off, I think! ^^

    • diya074
    • February 13th, 2010

    love ur article n i must agree with it..
    if he’s not a trendsetter, the big brand like LV will not want to sponsor him right…XD

  1. I definitely DISAGREE with Anony_mous.
    What’s wrong with their fashion?
    What’s wrong with being unique?
    What’s wrong with standing out from the crowd?

    I absolutely LOVE G-Dragon’s way of styling himself.
    It doesn’t only show that he’s unique, but also creative.
    He can pull of any clothing. And I mean it.
    His latest hairstyle, it may look woerd at first.
    But taking another look, its not that bad.
    Thinking again, who even DARES to do that hairstyle?
    And I don’t think anybody else can pull of that hairstyle any better than G-Dragon.

    • pinkearphones
    • February 13th, 2010

    Fashion is not just about beauty, it’s about good attitude… it’s all in the package for GD because bravery never goes out of fashion.

    so to anon: you know no nuts about both art & fashion. it’s a shame that you claimed to have like kpop “music”…

  2. GD wasnt the first one who had blonde hair. What about Jaejoong? Or main singer of korean band EVE? there is too many korean celebrities who had blonde hair… BUT I DEFINITELY LOVE GD AND HIS SENSE OF STYLE!

    • kim
    • June 11th, 2010

    love it

  3. oooooo Bih Bang So Cute
    I Love This Teim

    • Naomi
    • April 17th, 2011

    O_O…… uhm jessica did it in 2009 for genie and legally blonde LOLOL

  1. February 13th, 2010
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